photorealistic 3d illustration of ice cream cone flavored with caffe, fiordilatte and chocolate fonden. food design and food digital still life...

Photography (still life) in the food sector is one of the most difficult and demanding tasks when the shooting is focused on a delicate item, sensitive and complex as ice cream. To arrange a similar food in computer graphics (just like many others) allows you to create shapes, details and features that are much more original and compelling, this means we have the opportunity to bestow a food with its artistic character and distinctive line. The realization of such food brings along the modeling of possible fillings and decorations e.g.: strawberries, cinnamon sticks, chocolate chips, pistachios, hazelnuts and much more.

To achieve a 3D illustration of a CGI food results in decreased production times and costs, because a photo needs a set, adequate lighting (whose high temperatures would melt ice cream), operators, post-production, etc… In this case we only need fantasy, clear ideas and a good rendering engine.

MODO — Pixelmator
Photorealistic 3d illustration of spatulated chocolate ice cream. food design and food digital still life